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Renters' Rights Guide

About This Guide for Pennsylvania Renters

It is our hope that this website will help to guide you through a successful renting experience by providing general information and self-help resources regarding state and federal Fair Housing laws and Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Law as it pertains to the rental of private residential property.

This manual covers two major types of regulations protecting the rights of tenants in Pennsylvania. The first, federal and state Fair Housing laws, protect tenants from being discriminated against, or treated in an unfair or prejudicial way, due to their membership in a category that is protected under these laws. A landlord refusing to rent to someone because of their race or ethnicity is an example of housing discrimination that is illegal under Fair Housing laws. The second type of protections for tenants are those covered under Landlord Tenant law. Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Law protects both tenants and landlords by establishing basic regulations for the rental of residential property. Rental issues such as repairs and maintenance and eviction procedures are governed by Landlord Tenant law.

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